Clipboard - Cut, Copy & Paste

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Clipboard - Cut, Copy & Paste

Docklight supports Cut/Copy/Paste operations. Clipboard operations are available in the

Main Window - Send Sequences

Main Window - Receive Sequences

Main Window - Communication

Main Window - Documentation

Main Window - Script Editor (Docklight Scripting only)

Dialog: Edit Send Sequence

Dialog: Edit Receive Sequence

Dialog: Find Sequence

Dialog: Send Sequence Parameter

Documentation Area

Keyboard Console


You can cut a serial data sequence from the communication window and create a new Send or Receive Sequence by pasting it into the appropriate list. Or edit a Send Sequence, copy a part of this sequence to the clipboard and create a new Receive Sequence from it by pasting it into the Receive Sequence window.


TIP: Use the right mouse button context menu for Cut/Copy/Paste operations or the related Keyboard Hotkey.