Date/Time Functions

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Date/Time Functions


Date Function


'Example Date Function


DL.AddComment Date   ' prints the current system date.



Time Function


'Example Time Function


DL.AddComment Time   ' prints the current system time.



Timer Function


'Example Timer Function

'The Timer function returns the number of seconds that have elapsed

'since 12:00 AM (midnight).

StartTime = Timer  

For i = 1 To 1000


DL.AddComment "Duration [milliseconds] = " & (Timer - StartTime) * 1000



Now Function


'Example Now Function

Dim MyVar

MyVar = Now ' MyVar contains the current date and time.



Day Function


'Example Day Function

DL.AddComment Day(Now)



Month Function


'Example Month Function

DL.AddComment Month(Now)



Year Function


'Example Year Function

Dim MyDate

MyDate = #December 7, 1968#   ' Assign a date.

DL.AddComment Year(MyDate)



Hour Function


'Example Hour Function

DL.AddComment Hour(Now)



Minute Function


'Example Minute Function

DL.AddComment Minute(Now)



Second Function


'Example Second Function

DL.AddComment Second(Now)