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Returns the current communication channel settings (COM port number or TCP address, serial port settings).  


NOTE: GetChannelSettings is a companion to the SetChannelSettings method, and intended for advanced Docklight Scripting applications where control of the communication channel settings is required.


Return Value






result = DL.GetChannelSettings( [channelNo] )


The GetChannelSettings method syntax has these parts:





Optional. Integer that specifies the communication channel if Communication Mode: Monitoring is used. Default value is 1 (Channel 1).




GetChannelSettings returns a string with the current serial or TCP settings for the specified communication channel.


If the channel is a serial port, the return value has the following format:

COMxxx: BaudRate, Parity, DataBits, StopBits, FlowControl, ParityErrorChar

e.g. "COM1:9600,NONE,8,1,OFF,63"


If the channel is a TCP client, the return value is the current IP address and TCP port number, e.g. "".


If the channel is a TCP server, the return value is the string "SERVER:" plus the TCP port number, e.g. "SERVER:3001"


See also the SetChannelSettings method for a detailed overview on the return value data format, and a more complex example on how to manipulate channel settings during script runtime.




' Example GetChannelSettings


DL.AddComment "Comm. Channel 1 Settings = " & DL.GetChannelSettings()

' The following command will only work,
' if Docklight Communication Mode is 'Monitoring (receive only)'

DL.AddComment "Comm. Channel 2 Settings = " & DL.GetChannelSettings(2)


The example could produce the following output in the Docklight Communication Window:


Comm. Channel 1 Settings = COM1:9600,NONE,8,1,OFF,63


Comm. Channel 2 Settings = SERVER:10001