Command Line Syntax

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Command Line Syntax

The Docklight Scripting application supports command line arguments to load (and run) predefined project or script files. Use the following command syntax:


Docklight_Scripting.exe  [ -r ] [ -m ] [ -i ] [ projectPathName.ptp ] [ scriptPathName.pts ]


The Docklight scripting command line has these parts:





Optional argument, used in combination with scriptPathName.pts. Runs the script immediately. If no run-time error or user stop occurs, the Docklight Scripting application is closed after the script execution ends.


Optional argument. Minimize the Docklight Scripting application window on startup.


Optional argument. Invisible operation / no main window. Useful in combination with the -r option and scriptPathName.pts.


Optional. Loads the Docklight project file projectPathName.ptp


Optional. Loads the Docklight script file scriptPathName.pts




If your script uses the StartLogging or the FileInput / FileOutput interface, and you just provide a file name, but not a complete directory path as a parameter, Docklight Scripting will use the current script / project directory.




Docklight_Scripting.exe -r C:\myScript.pts


Loads the Docklight script file C:\myScript.pts and executes it.