Dialog: Find Sequence

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Dialog: Find Sequence

Menu Edit > BINOCULR Find Sequence in Communication Window...


The Find Sequence function searches the contents of the communication window. The search is performed in the communication window tab that is currently selected (ASCII, HEX, Decimal or Binary). You may, however, define your search string in any other representation.


Searching the communication windows is only possible if the communication is stopped.


You can search for anything that is already defined as a Send Sequence or a Receive Sequence, or you may define a custom search sequence.


NOTE: If you are looking for a sequence within the ASCII communication window, please remember the following limitations:

The Find Sequence function is not able to locate sequences containing non-printing control characters (ASCII decimal code < 32) or other special characters (decimal code > 127). This is due to the nature of the ASCII display. Search using the HEX or Decimal communication window tab instead.

In ASCII mode, the Find Sequence function will treat date/time stamps and any other comments in the same way as regular communication data. In HEX / Decimal / Binary mode, all additional information is ignored as long as it does not look like a character byte value.