Keyboard Console

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Keyboard Console

The Keyboard Console tool allows you to send keyboard input directly to the serial port. It can be activated using the menu Tools > console_on Keyboard Console On. The keyboard console is only available for communication mode Send/Receive.


After activating the keyboard console, click in the communication window and type some characters.


Docklight will transmit the characters directly through the selected serial port. The communication window will display the characters the same way it does a Send Sequence.


NOTE: The Keyboard Console tool supports pasting and transmitting a character sequence from the clipboard, using Ctrl + V. This is similar to pasting clipboard data inside the Edit Send Sequence Dialog. Clipboard contents that exceeds the maximum sequence size of 1024 characters gets truncated.


NOTE: The keyboard console is not a full-featured terminal and does not support specific terminal standards, such as VT 100. The Enter key is transmitted as <CR> (ASCII 13) plus <LF> (ASCII 10). The ESC key sends <ESC> (ASCII 27). Use control character shortcuts to send other ASCII control characters.


NOTE: The keyboard console does not support inserting ASCII characters by pressing/holding ALT and using the numeric keypad. Please use the Edit Send Sequences dialog in HEX or Decimal representation to create any ASCII character code > 127.