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The Docklight Notepad is a separate window for writing down additional notes concerning your Docklight project (how to use the Send / Receive Sequences, notes on additional test equipment, etc.). The notepad window can be shown using the F12 key or the menu Tools > Show Notepad.

The notepad is a simple text box that does not offer formatting menus or toolbars, but you can paste formatted text from the Windows clipboard.



The notepad contents are stored along with all other Docklight project settings (see saving and loading your project data, scripts and options). When opening a Docklight project file, the notepad is displayed automatically, if project notes are available.


NOTE: Closing the notepad window does not delete your notes. They will be still available when you press F12 again. To remove all notes, empty the text box using Ctrl+A (Select All) and the DEL key.