Docklight Tap Pro / Tap 485

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Docklight Tap Pro / Tap 485

Docklight Tap Pro and Docklight Tap 485 are advanced, high-resolution monitoring solutions for the USB port. They allow true milliseconds time measurements and monitoring high-speed data connections including RS232 status/handshake lines. They are supported by Docklight in a similar way as the Docklight Tap.


For Docklight Tap Pro and Tap 485 applications, use Docklight Monitoring Mode and Receive Channel settings VTP0 / VTP1. See the Docklight Project Settings for more details.


Please also see our product overview pages for more information about the Docklight Tap Pro and Docklight Tap 485.



Docklight Tap Pro






Docklight Tap RS485