Typical Applications

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Typical Applications

Docklight is the ideal tool to support your development and testing process for serial communication devices. Docklight may be used to


Test the functionality or the protocol implementation of a serial device.

You may define control sequences recognized by your device, send them, log and analyze the responses and test the device reaction.





Simulate a serial device.

Although rare, the possibility of a hardware fault must be considered in most systems. Imagine you have a device that sends an error message in the case of a hardware fault. A second device should receive this error message and perform some kind of reaction. Using Docklight you can easily simulate the error message to be sent and test the second device's reaction.





Monitor the communication between two devices.

Insert Docklight into the communication link between two serial devices. Monitor and log the serial communication in both directions. Detect faulty communication sequences or special error conditions within the monitored communication. Take a snapshot of the communication when such an error condition has occurred.