Editing and Managing Sequences

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Editing and Managing Sequences

A Docklight project mainly consists of user-defined sequences. These may be either Send Sequences, which may be transmitted by Docklight itself, or Receive Sequences, which are used to detect a special message within the incoming serial data.


Sequences are defined using the Edit Send Sequence or Edit Receive Sequence dialog window. This dialog window is opened

1. by choosing Edit from the context menu available using the right mouse button.

2. by double-clicking on an existing sequence or pressing Ctrl + E with the Send Sequence or Receive Sequence list selected.

3. when creating a new sequence by double-clicking on the blank field at the end of a list (or pressing Ctrl + E).

4. when pasting a new sequence into the sequence list.


Docklight supports the use of wildcards (e.g. wildcard "?" as a placeholder for one arbitrary character) within Receive Sequences and Send Sequences. See the sections sending commands with parameters and checking for sequences with random characters for details and examples.