Dialog: Edit Send Sequence

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Dialog: Edit Send Sequence

This dialog is used to define new Send Sequences and edit existing ones (See also Editing and Managing Sequences).



The index of the sequence displayed below. The first sequence has index 0 (zero).


1 - Name

Unique name for this sequence (e.g. "Set modem speaker volume"). This name is for referencing the sequence. It is not the data that will be sent out through the serial port. See "2 - Sequence" below.


2 - Sequence

The character sequence that will be transmitted through the serial port.


TIP: For transmitting larger blocks of data that exceed the maximum sequence size, use the DL.UploadFile script command.


TIP: Special Function Characters are available for creating inter-character delays, set handshake signals and parity bits, or setting a break state.


3 - Additional Settings

Repeat - Check the "Send periodically..." option to define a sequence that is sent periodically. A time interval between 0.01 seconds and 9999 seconds can be specified.


NOTE: The Windows reference time used for this purpose has only limited precision. Time intervals < 0.03 seconds will usually not be accurate.


Checksum - Perform automatic calculation of any type of checksum, including any type of CRC standard such as Modbus, CCITT, CRC32.


TIP: See Calculating and Validating Checksums for a general overview, and Checksum Specification for the text format used to define a checksum.



Wildcards can be used to introduce parameters into a Send Sequence that you wish to insert manually each time the sequence is sent. See section Sending commands with parameters for details and examples.


Control Character Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts is a great help when editing a sequence that contains both printing characters (letters A-z, digits 0-9, ...) and non-printing control characters (ASCII code 0 to 31). Predefined shortcuts are:

Ctrl+Enter for carriage return / <CR> / decimal code 13

Ctrl+Shift+Enter for line feed / <LF> / decimal code 10


Use WRENCH Options... --> Control Character Shortcuts to define other shortcuts you find useful.


Sequence Documentation

Add some documentation about this sequence here. This documentation is also shown in the main window when selecting the sequence in the Send Sequences list.