OpenSideChannel / CloseSideChannel - Managing multiple channels

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OpenSideChannel / CloseSideChannel - Managing multiple channels

The OpenSideChannel / CloseSideChannel methods allow using multiple additional data connections in one Docklight Scripting instance. Incoming data from side channels can be distinguished / labeled using the rxChannelTag argument Transmitting data on side channels is possible via the DirectSend method.


DL Methods for side channel / multichannel management:




result = DL.OpenSideChannel( newSettings [, channelNo] [, rxChannelTag])

Open a side communication channel using the communication channel settings from newSettings.


channelNo = 3 (default) or 4-10


rxChannelTag = "Channel3" (default):
RX data from this channel will be tagged like this:

<Channel3>... data received on this side channel... </Channel3>

rxChannelTag = "norx":
The received communication data is not displayed at all.

rxChannelTag = "" (empty string):
No channel tags are used and you cannot distinguish the incoming data from "regular" Docklight RX data.


result = True: Successfully opened the channel.

result = False: Channel could not be opened, e.g. settings invalid or COM port not available.

DL.CloseSideChannel [channelNo]

Closes the side channel.




The side channels depend on the main connection status and vice versa:

OpenSideChannel will automatically execute a StartCommunication, if required.

CloseSideChannel only closes the specified side channel. Other communication channels continue data transfer.

StopCommunication closes the main communication channels and any open side channels.

See also StartCommunication / StopCommunication.




DL.SetChannelSettings "LOCALHOST:10001"


DL.OpenSideChannel "SERVER:10001"


DL.SendSequence "", "Test", "A"

DL.Pause 1000

DL.AddComment "Stop the Channel3. This should cause a TCP client connection error..."


DL.Pause 4000

' close all channels



The communication window output could look like this:


02.10.2019 12:44:23.622 [TX] - Test

02.10.2019 12:44:23.634 [RX] - <Channel3>Test</Channel3> [Channel3]


Stop the Channel3. This should cause a TCP client connection error...



02.10.2019 12:44:24.179  DOCKLIGHT reports: Error on channel LOCALHOST:10001:

TCP/IP connection closed by the remote computer