Docklight Monitoring Cable RS232 SUB D9

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Docklight Monitoring Cable RS232 SUB D9

Docklight Monitoring Cable is a RS232 full duplex monitoring cable that is designed for Monitoring serial communications between two devices.






We offer a rugged and fully shielded RS232 Monitoring cable acessory. For more details see our product overview pages and the Docklight Monitoring Cable datasheet.


NOTE: Our Docklight Tap or Tap Pro / Tap RS485 data taps offer superior monitoring characteristics, and do not require two free RS232 COM ports on your PC. Only in rare or legacy applications the Docklight Monitoring Cable is still the preferred choice today.


TIP: An inexpensive and quick solution for basic monitoring can be making your own Monitoring Cable using a flat ribbon cable and SUB D9 insulation displacement connectors, available at any electronic parts supplier.