Docklight - Test & Simulate Serial Protocols (RS232, TCP...)

  • Docklight Screenshot - RS232 Device Simulator
    Simulating a RS232/UART device protocol, based on RS232 logging data (Reverse Engineering)
    You can use Docklight log file data to create a basic simulator for an existing device. This can be done manually, or using a small helper tool available from our FAQ.
    Docklight Screenshot - RS232 Device Simulator

Docklight is a testing, analysis and simulation tool for serial communication protocols.

It allows you to monitor the communication between two serial devices or to test the serial communication of a single device.

Docklight is the preferred RS232 terminal / RS232 monitor / TCP or HID device tester / IoT (Internet of Things) debugging tool for numerous software and hardware engineers around the globe.
  • “Docklight has been a huge productivity tool in testing our reader software. It has allowed us to automate some difficult sequences, including some encryption sequences that involve cipher block chaining. Testing these sequences by writing tools from scratch would have taken an inordinate amount of time.
    Docklight has allowed us to stay on track with our schedules. In addition, Docklight support has far exceeded any support I have received in many years. Oliver was particularly helpful in guiding and directing me and in working with me to solve some challenging problems. I felt as if I had a true partner and mentor.”
    Laurie Lindsey, Sequent / ViVOtech Inc., USA

Supported interfaces and connections are RS232, RS485/RS422, TCP/UDP,
Virtual COM, USB HID, Bluetooth (SPP or HID) and Named Pipes.

Docklight significantly increases productivity in a broad range of industries, including automation and control, communications, automotive, equipment manufacturers, and embedded / consumer products.

Docklight is easy to use and runs on any standard PC using Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Typical Docklight applications include:

  • Simulating serial protocols
  • Logging RS232 data
  • Detecting specific data sequences
  • Responding to incoming data
Testing a RS232 device with Docklight
Monitoring a RS232 application with Docklight and Docklight Tap
Software and Hardware Extensions:
  • Docklight Scripting provides an easy-to-use program language and a built-in editor to create and run automated test jobs. In addition to COM connections (RS232, RS485/422), Docklight Scripting supports TCP or UDP, USB HID, Bluetooth SPP, Bluetooth HID, RS232 terminal and Named Pipes.
  • Docklight Pro Monitor is a high-speed and lightweight software for hardware-based RS232/485/422 monitoring using Docklight Tap Pro or Docklight Tap 485.
  • If you require serial or TCP communications in your own Windows C++, C#, Java or Excel application, the Docklight DLL Automation API allows you to implement communication features in minimal time and minimal amount of own code.

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Docklight Products

RS232 Terminal / RS232 Monitor [#157238]
Docklight Scripting [#211390]
Docklight Scripting UPGRADE [#211391]

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