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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions, tips and tricks for Docklight software and hardware products
Troubleshooting You ran into a problem while using Docklight software or hardware? Docklight does not behave as you expect, or as described in the user manual? Look here for solutions to known issues.
User Manual Our User Manual is a comprehensive reference for all Docklight and Docklight Scripting functions. It also explains typical applications and uses of Docklight.

High-quality machine translations of the user manual are available in German and French, which can be very helpful for a general overview of Docklight functions and applications. Download the documents in PDF format at Docklight Scripting Benutzerhandbuch (DE) and Docklight Scripting – Manuel de l’utilisateur (FR).
Applications and Examples Application Notes and example projects for typical Docklight uses and various third-party devices, protocols and applications.
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I have a question about my online order

If you have any questions about your online order via Digital River GmbH (MyCommerce), please contact Digital River directly.

You can retrieve your order data, your license key(s) and your invoice in PDF format via the MyCommerce Shopper Support. You need to enter the e-mail address given when ordering as well as the nine-digit MyCommerce/Shareit order number (e.g. 7xxxxxxxx).

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