What Our Customers Say

Docklight testimonials and opinions from our international customers (we have also published some opinions from Germany):
“Docklight has been a huge productivity tool in testing our reader software. It has allowed us to automate some difficult sequences, including some encryption sequences that involve cipher block chaining. Testing these sequences by writing tools from scratch would have taken an inordinate amount of time.

Docklight has allowed us to stay on track with our schedules. In addition, Docklight support has far exceeded any support I have received in many years. Oliver was particularly helpful in guiding and directing me and in working with me to solve some challenging problems. I felt as if I had a true partner and mentor.”

Laurie Lindsey, Sequent / ViVOtech Inc., USA

“ I haven’t found any other program that does what Docklight can do as well as it does. It gives me the flexibility I need with the scripting, but I’m also able to just give someone a basic set of commands if that´s all they need. I also can’t imagine having any better customer service either! ”

Rob Morey, Philips Respironics, USA

“I needed to communicate with a direct drive motor and controller, and control it according to our requirements in short term.

I tried some solutions, but the one that really met our needs was Docklight Scripting.

The main point was the aftersales that added value to the product with fast and correct answers. I am really satisfied with Docklight.”

Oscar Colonetti, Motors, Fisher&Paykel Appliances, New Zealand

“ When we do our stress testing we use the suggestions you provided in your email to keep the load on the machine to a minimum. We have compared Docklight to numerous other serial monitoring tools with respect to their ability to withstand stress. We found Docklight to be the most reliable. So kudos to you. ”

David Harif, Head of Software Group, Israel Wireless Devices, Israel

“ I have used your Docklight RS232 terminal software for a number of years now. As a software developer, this program has been one of my most valuable tools. It is also one of the most user-friendly and intuitive to use. Last week I was working on a device that uses TCP/IP sockets. My thought was, 'I wonder if there is a Docklight solution for this'. Sure enough, there it was - Docklight Scripting. Thanks for a fantastic product! ”

Ken Delahoussaye, Software Engineer, Delahoussaye Consulting, USA

“ Thank you very much for your quick response. That resolved my problem. Your support is as excellent as your product. ”

Mike Stone, PECO II Inc., now Lineage Power / GE, USA

“ I am a happy Docklight owner. We use your software to test the serial ports on products that we manufacture. We often suggest to installers in the field to use the Docklight program to help diagnose problems they have. ”

David Dickinson, Dealer Services, Russound, USA
Russound/Docklight Demo Project and Application Note

“ I thank you for your assistance and flexibility. We currently have a single Docklight license we have been using for a while (not in its full capability). But recently my tester … has created a nice script which will assist on his current project over the next few years. "

Andrew Dempster, Test & Verification Supervisor Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd., Australia

“ As for endorsements, the other team members are so impressed with how well this works... and we haven't even used the scripting feature yet. I truly love this program! ”

Steve Gatz, Sterner Controls, USA

About Docklight

Docklight is a sophisticated testing, analysis and simulation tool for serial communication protocols. Docklight significantly increases productivity in a broad range of industries, including automation and control, communications, audio/video, automotive, chemical and medical industries, equipment manufacturers, and embedded or consumer product areas.

There are currently more than 10000 satisfied Docklight license holders worldwide. These range from large global players to small independent engineering offices.

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