Docklight Lifetime License

Docklight Lifetime License – A permanent right to use, without expiration date

For Docklight you pay once and use it forever. No subscription traps, no update fees. Here are your benefits in details:

  • All our Single Computer and Company License models are permanent licenses including lifetime free maintenance updates. There are no hidden maintenance costs. We take pride in offering long-living software tools without expiration date. Customers of our first Docklight V1.0 from the year 2002 can still update to the latest version for free and benefit from all its improvements.
  • Our licenses include lifetime free tech support via email. For Company License customers we provide in-depth support and are happy to assist even with very application-specific questions. This includes providing Docklight project or script examples for specific use cases.
  • We always consider earlier purchases when upgrading to a Company License at a later point – just order what you require right now.
  • We respect your data and privacy. All our licenses work without product activation / Internet connection / “telemetry”. We believe that for R&D tools like Docklight and Docklight Scripting, activation and license monitoring creates more problems than it solves. We trust in the cooperation of our users and that they will only use the software within the scope of the license. Our past experiences have been very encouraging, and we will continue offering this user-friendly licensing model in the future.

Do you have questions about your licensing or do you need a copy of your full license key? – Please contact us.