How can I test my motion controller / servo drive / stepper drive using my PC?

How can I test my motion controller / servo drive / stepper drive using my PC?

Applies to: Docklight and Docklight Scripting (all versions), Article ID: dl_faq052

Docklight Scripting is a great tool for initial testing and first manual tryouts, if you are using popular motion controllers with a standard TCP/IP Ethernet interface, or even a classic RS232/RS485 data interface.

We provide ready-to-run examples for
– FAULHABER motion controllers, e.g. MCBL 300x RS, MCDC 300x RS, 3564…B CS, 32xx…BX4 CS, 22xx…BX4 CSD
– JENNY SCIENCE XENAX Xvi75 and Xvi48 axis controllers for LINAX, ELAX and ROTAX drives.
See the link to our “Docklight Applications and Examples” section below.

For classic RS485 Modbus slaves, please our Modbus RTU specific FAQ.

NOTE: We are NOT talking of factory automation field bus communication via CAN/CANopen, Profinet, EtherCat or similar. Docklight cannot help here. It can only be used for drive/motion controllers using standard Ethernet TCP or UDP connections. There is a surprising number of products that work like that.

As an additional support, we can offer our Docklight license owners to have a look at your specific application protocol and provide a related small example. Please feel free to contact us and send us a description of your data interface and the relevant commands.

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Docklight FAQ – How can I simulate Modbus RTU master frames?

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