When starting Docklight, a Windows Installer windows appears. How can I fix this?

When starting Docklight, a Windows Installer windows appears. How can I fix this?

Applies to: Docklight / Docklight Scripting (all versions), Article ID: dl_prb045

On isolated Windows computers, and especially after a Windows 10 feature update, some users have reported that Docklight now does not start as usually, but is blocked by a Windows Installer (“MSI”) / setup dialog.

In most cases it is the installer for a Microsoft Office 2010 package, but also National Instruments Labview, Autodesk, or other third-party applications have been mentioned. This seems to be caused by differing versions of certain shared Microsoft components around. Docklight uses these components, but also the mentioned third-party applications.

Suggested steps:

1) Uninstall Docklight and re-install the current release from our download area.

Unfortunately we have learned of cases where this did not already resolve the problem. In this situation we suggest to remove and re-install the conflicting third-party application. Here is the procedure for a situation where a setup dialog for “Autodesk DWG Viewer 2020” keeps appearing:

2) Create a Windows restore point for safety (In the Windows 10 taskbar, search for “Create a restore point”).
3) If installed, uninstall Autodesk DWG TrueView.
4) (Re)install Autodesk DWG TrueView.
5) Start Docklight / Docklight Scripting.

Docklight should start now correctly. The Windows Installer for DWG TrueView may appear once, but can perform the setup action successfully, and should not re-appear when restarting Docklight.

6) Quit Docklight.
7) If not needed, uninstall DWG TrueView.

If the problem still persists, please contact a screenshot of what is happening and we will provide additional assistance.

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